We help FX traders generate data-driven trade ideas

Intuitive, real-time indicators, powered by proprietary economic models and premium news & data.

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Our indicators are housed within our online terminal. They help FX traders track market moving events in real-time. 

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This is how our indicators can help you generate better trade ideas

These indicators help you stay tuned into baseline market expectations. Understand which outcomes are priced in – and which are unexpected.

Remain tuned in effortlessly, as professional expectations evolve in real-time

Be fully prepared to recognise market moving information and catch the big moves

Tweet Scanner

Constantly updated baseline expectations through professionally curated commentary and updated analysis from Twitter.

Breaking News & Research Headlines

A streaming, 24/5, feed of professional commentary & analysis covering major newswires and investment bank research.

Interest Rate Probability Tracker

Displays the probability of each central bank hiking/cutting their interest rates at the next meeting. Our model tracks futures market (STIR) price movements.

Markets move when baseline expectations change. Our indicators help you catch these moves early and profit from them.

Uncover new market-moving information fast enough to bank a profit

Reliably understand which risk-events are tradable or not to make better decisions

Audio Squawk

A team of analysts tracking institutional newswires 24/5 and alerting you, through your speakers, when market moving news breaks.

Economic Data Tracker

An economic calendar designed for professional risk event traders, including high/low forecast ranges for all major events.

Optimising your trade management will increase profits. We help you select the best pairings to maximise the performance of each trade you take.

Always pair the strongest currencies against the weakest to maximise profits

Real-time updates give you confidence in your positions as markets move

Currency Strength Monitor

A real-time indicator that displays the strongest and weakest currencies across multiple timeframes.

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