Become a confident macro-fundamental trader In 90-days

Learn to generate your own high conviction trade ideas and escape FOMO and system chasing forever.

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Carmelo Keimig

This is absolutely perfect!

Alex Salazar

Thank you for the detailed work you guys put into every session, it's so helpful.

Joshua Moses

Essential to my trading

What is the accelerator?

A 90-day training programme hosted by our chief macro strategist, Arno Venter.

You’ll learn a powerful 3-step process for generating high-conviction trade ideas from macro-fundamental news and data, every day.

Our 3-step frame-work can be used in all types of market conditions. You’ll follow along as we demonstrate the process in real-time as markets move. 

The accelerator will help you become a confident, independent macro-fundamental trader.

Completing the accelerator will improve your trading performance in the following ways:

Understand why prices move

When you understand why prices move you can start to predict those moves with greater accuracy and confidence.

Catch big price moves instead of being caught out by them.

Manage trades with conviction, even during drawdowns

Knowing why prices will move in a specific direction gives you confidence in each position you take.

Confidently know which trades to hold and which trades to fold.

Know which assets to
trade every day

Remove confusion from your day by only focusing on the assets that the rest of the market is buying or selling.

Trade in-line with the market rather than fighting it.

Trade economic data releases with confidence

The economic calendar is a weekly source of trade ideas. Look forward to risk events rather than fearing them.

Scheduled trading opportunities that fit around your other commitments.

Eliminate confusion
and doubt

Learn a proven process for generating high-conviction trade ideas, even when market catalysts are constantly changing.

Never be confused or unsure about how to trade market sentiment again.

Learn how to combine fundamental and technical analysis

Fundamental analysis tells you what and when and technical analysis tells you where and how for every trade.

Always trade with the complete picture and increase confidence.

Receive personalised guidance and feedback

Ask questions in a variety of formats and receive personal replies in chat, video, and live Q&A formats.

 We ensure you understand every element of the macro-fundamental process.

Buy the accelerator and start your transformation today.

The accelerator includes full access to every indicator and training resource we currently have available.

This includes the following features:

Real-time Video Trade Ideas

Published through the EU/US sessions as news breaks and sentiment changes. Includes personalised Q&A.

Learn by following as we generate and execute macro trade ideas as markets move.

News-Trading live streams

Learn how to trade the economic calendar through real-time guidance. We share specific trading scenarios and guide you as they play out.

Type your questions and get replies to your questions live during the presentation.

Analyst chat access

Receive personal feedback on your macro trade ideas as the session plays out, via our instant chat feature.

Chat to our macro trading experts in a private one on one setting.

Macro-Fundamental Masterclass Video Course

This course will take you from beginner all the way to competent macro trader. Watch it at your own pace, on-demand.

Learn why prices move, how economic data influences markets and how to spot high-conviction trade ideas on your own.

News Trading Strategy Video Course

Learn a specific strategy for trading high-impact news events from the economic calendar.

Trade scheduled events around your job or commitments. Perfect for part-time traders.

Trading Q&A Video Library

Ask a question, receive a video reply. Every answer we’ve ever created is housed inside our Q&A library. Search the library or submit new questions.

Learn very specific trading concepts on-demand and at your own pace.

Real-time Indicator Suite

Breaking News Headlines. Interest Rate Probability Tracker. Professional Economic Calendar. Currency Strength Monitor.

These indicators help you track market expectations and react quickly to changing sentiment.

The price of the accelerator programme is $1,999 for 3 months access. Your access will expire automatically at the end of the programme.

Buy the accelerator and start your transformation today.

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