The Legacy Training Bundle

Secure our entire training archive collection for your ongoing trading development.

Everything on this page is included in the legacy training bundle price.

To celebrate our 1-year launch anniversary we’re offering our community the chance to secure every historical training resource we ever created.

This collection stopped being sold when we launched our new terminal.

If you enjoyed our training in the past and would like to add them to your collection forever, this is your chance.

We will never make these products available for sale again.

All of the series below are included in full with this bundle offer. Each one was recorded live and archived for future viewing.

Trading Career Bootcamp
[57 videos]

Want to trade professionally as a career or a business?

This 30-day programme was a step by step guide to building your trading account into an income generating business.

The insights from this training are still valid today and will help you make the leap to the next level.

Seasonal Trading Tactics
[6 videos]

This was a 6-month programme of monthly livestreams sharing a proven strategy with a 90% hit rate.

It used real trading opportunities as they set up in the real-world. These trades happen seasonally, year after year.

Watch to add this proven strategy to your trading arsenal!

Advanced Crypto Investment Training
[22 videos]

In 2021, one of our experts invested his own money and shared his own crypto investment strategy over a 30-day period.

What he didn’t know was that crypto was about to suffer its worst winter in 5 years...

Watch as he prepares his portfolio and shares his core strategies for the months and years ahead.

Trading Psychology Bootcamp
[5 videos]

Struggle with FOMO? 
Always chasing new trading systems? 

These livestream recordings will take you through the exact process to solve these common psychological issues.

Understand the psychology behind your mistakes and eliminate them.

Technical Analysis Trading Mastermind
[22 videos]

In 2022, our expert traded a $50,000 account, live, as he implemented powerful technical trading techniques.

This 30-day mastermind taught a core technical strategy on one day and then demonstrated everything on a live account the next day.

This training will help you figure out how to combine the fundamentals with your favourite technical strategy.

Fundamental Trading Masterclass
[22 videos]

This series is perfect for beginners to fundamental analysis. It covers everything you need to trade the fundamentals with confidence.

Sentiment analysis. Intermarket analysis. Combining fundamentals with technicals. Understanding economic data. Risk management and more…

Learn the fundamentals. Trade with confidence. Feel like a professional.

The Swing Trading Challenge
[18 videos]

Looking for part-time strategies to trade around your job or commitments? Swing trading is perfect for any trader that doesn’t have time to sit at the screen all day.

These recordings provide a step-by-step strategy you can follow to generate long term trade ideas and manage them comfortably.

Fit trading around your schedule. Have more time. Improve your performance.

Daily Trade Idea Archives
[738 videos]

Review two years of daily trade idea analysis. Learn the same step by step process that works in any market condition on any asset.

Watch real questions from real traders being answered with live trading examples as markets move.

Reinforce your knowledge. Sharpen up your own trade idea process. Trade with conviction.

Original sale price $8047

Original sale price of these trainings    $8047

Today's bundle price   $499
[Save 93%]
Today's bundle price $499
[Save 93%]

Everything on this page is included in the legacy training bundle price.

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