30 Days of Training: For those who believe we are witnessing the investment opportunity of a generation – but are struggling to understand WHAT to invest in and HOW to gain the CONVICTION to realize exponential gains.

First – what returns are realistic?

Hello – my name is Paul Sanders

…And I didn’t put my first dollar into crypto thinking I would become an “expert.”

But after 100 hours of research, I realized something special was happening. A new asset class is forming right in front of our eyes.

It’s our chance to get in at the beginning – just like winding the clocks back and putting money into Amazon in 2009… after the company had been around for 10 years. So I took out a 45k loan in addition to my own money – believing that the right investment in the crypto space is that once in a generation opportunity.

I’m excited to join the Financial Source team and lead their Cryptocurrency Training Programme.

Here’s our schedule for September!

Wednesday 1st September

Where to Get Free Crypto & Kickoff!

Thursday 2nd September

Crypto Basics: What you need to know, Part 1.

Friday 3rd September

Crypto Basics: What you need to know, Part 2.

Monday 6th September

Opening my Portfolio – answering ‘what & why’.

Tuesday 7th September

Sharing My Targets & Entry Points

Wednesday 8th September

What could invalidate this investment?

Thursday 9th September

Exchanges, Security and Coin Custody.

Friday 10th September

Getting yield on your coins: Risks and Rewards.

Monday 13th September

Sharing Real world Use Cases #1

Tuesday 14th September

Sharing Real world Use Cases #2

Wednesday 15th September

Sharing Real world Use Cases #3.

Thursday 16th September

Exploring on chain Analysis Part 1.

Friday 17th September

Exploring on chain Analysis Part 2.

Monday 20th September

Getting your own real-time updates.

Tuesday 21st September

Exploring coin duplication risk.

Wednesday 22nd September

Hacking the Network & Tether Manipulation.

Thursday 23rd September

Government Regulation Risk.

Friday 24th September

Exploring environmental concerns.

Monday 27th September

Government shutting crypto down risk.

Tuesday 28th September

Is Crypto backed by anything?

Wednesday 29th September

Exploring Centralization Concerns.

Thursday 30th September

Upcoming trading opportunities.

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