Trade with the No.1 Bloomberg competitor

We have exclusive permission to re-sell access to the Refinitive powered platform to our community.

What is it?

The world famous platform was originally developed by Reuters at a cost of over $1 billion and currently has around 190,000 subscribers.

We have secured special permission to offer all non-professional traders in our community a 12-month licence to the platform.

This allows you to use many of the features and functions usually reserved for institutional traders and investors.

We have created an exclusive product called the ‘Economic Research Bundle’.

The bundle includes a range of extra features to help you get the most out of your licence.

The first of these extra features is our templates. These allow you to immediately copy and paste the same layout used by our own analyst team within the platform.

Without these templates, it can take hours just to create a basic layout and use it.

Next, we include three of our proprietary models.

A model is a proprietary calculation performed inside a special microsoft excel worksheet.

Each model is designed to uncover hidden insights and trading opportunities, not available elsewhere.

Our models run using data pulled in directly from the platform.

They are completely proprietary and not available anywhere outside of our team of analysts.

You can learn more about all these features below.

“Financial source subscribers pay only $1,559 for our entire bundle, which includes access to the platform itself, our templates and proprietary models. It’s an absolute no-brainer for serious traders!”

Arno Venter

Senior FX Analyst


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Included features

The platform contains data insights that you won’t be able to find in any other non-institutional product.

Here’s just a selection of the features you’ll have access to:

Inter-market monitor
Instantly see what all major asset classes are doing in real-time as prices change to keep your finger on the pulse of all financial markets.

Reuters newswire
Access the exact same newswire and thematic news research features that institutional traders use.

Seasonality charts
Quickly see how specific assets trend during particular seasons and times of year to uncover high-probability trade ideas.

Volatility charts
View detailed information from the institutional options market to identify high-conviction trading opportunities.

Histogram volume charting
Put all significant price moves into perspective and improve your trade management.

Bonus bundle features

Our templates save you time and effort. Our models use refinitive data to display hidden insights within excel in real-time.

Copies of our layout Templates
Save yourself hours of set up time by replicating the exact layouts used by our analyst team every day.

Implied Price Range Model
Implied price ranges for specific assets based on market probabilities. Use these for more accurate entry and exit points for your trades.

US Economic Data Trend Model
Provides an instant snap-shot of inflation and growth in the US economy. Detect changes in the trend early enough to profit from.

Risk Sentiment Tracking Model
Quickly see the risk tone of the market based on data-driven analysis of the most common risk assets. Updates in real-time to keep you constantly tuned in.

Video User Guides for the Platform
Start using the best features quickly with our targeted user guides. These videos help FX traders get the most out of the platform.

Video User Guides for our Models
Our guide helps you get the most value from our models so that you begin generating high-conviction trade ideas right away.

Product Chat Support
Twelve month chat access to our team of analysts to help you get the most from our research bundle. They use this product every day and will help you get set up.

How it works

You’ll get access to all of the institutional grade features listed above for 12 months.

Plus, you receive all of the other bundle features to help you get up and running with the platform as quickly as possible.

You’ll also be entitled to renew your licence every year at today’s price, for the next 5 years.

It normally takes up to 48 hours to create your account from the time you purchase.

You will receive an email with all of the details about how you can access all of our bundle features (including the platform) immediately after purchase.

If you have any questions or need any support, you can email our team at

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